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Project Description

This project includes wrappers for the Infragistics controls that integrate with the recently launched Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework. There is a test web site, a dashboard to display analytics metrics, and wrappers for Infragistics Silverlight controls.

Project Setup

In order to run the project, please follow the instructions on the Project Setup page.

Project Components

The Dashboard view presents the data collected using the Infragistics Analystics Framework.

Here's a view of the main screen of the test application. The purpose of this application is to use the XamWebMenu (main navigation element on the top navigation bar), and XamWebTree (a gallery navigation element) to generate data to be presented by the Dashboard.
Test application main screen

Here's a view of the second screen of the test application. It include a XamWebGrid showing business data, which can be filtered, sorted and paged:
Test application grid screen

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