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Infragistics Analytics Framework Description

Infragistics Analytics Framework is a project that extends Infragistics Silverlight Line-of-Business controls to support the recently-launched Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework. It also includes a test application written in Silverlight 4, a Service-Oriented Analytics endpoint, and a dashboard to display collected analytics events.

Infragistics Silverlight Line-of-Business Component Support

While you can use any Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight Line-of-Business or Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight Dta Visualization Control with Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework, there are selected controls and events that provide more detailed information.

The following controls, part of Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight Line-of-Business product, are with extended detailed support for Analytics Events:

Project Setup

Please read the Project Setup page for instructions on how to setup and run the application.

Infragistics Analytics Framework Roadmap

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