XamWebTree Extended Support Details

XamWebTree has extended support for the following events:
  • ItemExpansionChanged
  • ActiveItemChanged

The ActionValue parameter from Service Oriented Analytics Protocol Specification 1.0 specification is populated with the following value:

{ "Control":"XamWebTree","Event":"[EentName]","Item":"[HEADER TEXT]","IsExpanded":"[true|false]" }

As you might notice, this is a standard JSON format.

Below is a list of properties specified in greater detail:
  • Control property is always set to XamWebTree
  • Event property is set to the name of the extended support event that has occurred ( ItemExpansionChanged or ActiveItemChanged )
  • Item property is set to the string representation of the Header property of XamWebTreeItem element that registered the event
  • IsExpanded property is optional and will only appear along with the ItemExpansionChanged event. It is set to the value the IsExpanded property of the XamWebTreeItem.

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